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H. Michael Olson
Sarah Sullivan
Brady Pearson


Concussion, Adolescence


Objective: To describe the diagnosis and management of a previously unrecognized, sport-related concussions in young adolescent patients.

Clinical Features: A 10-year-old female basketball player sustained a concussion during game play that went unrecognized for 3 days, until she sought care for neck pain, headache, mid back pain, and low back pain.

Intervention and Outcome: Chiropractic manipulative therapy, myofascial release, and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilizations were provided, and therapeutic exercises were implemented. The SCAT-5, SCAT-3 and ImPACT testing were all used to aid in the diagnosis. At the conclusion of treatment, Her clinical features had improved, and she was able to safely return to sport and school.

Conclusion: In this case, a sport-related concussions was initially unrecognized until seen by a chiropractor. This case report outlines the clinical management and outcomes of a young girl with sport-related concussion.


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