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McKeon Buffamonte
Michael Kellner
Matthew DiMond


Spine, Rehabilitation, Exercise Therapy


Objective: To demonstrate the relationship between nonspecific hip pain seen in a mixed martial arts practitioner and his response to rehabilitative chiropractic management administered with a functional focus.

Clinical Features: A 26-year-old male had a 6-month history of right hip and knee pain and associated “burning pelvic pain” following mixed martial arts competition.

Intervention and Outcomes: The Lower Extremity Functional Scale (100%), Numeric Pain Rating Scale (4/10), Health Risk Profile Questionnaire, and test-retest exercise assessments were used as outcome measures. At the first return encounter, the patient reported no substantial changes to the area of chief complaint. Subsequent sport-specific functional exercises were administered to the patient, resulting in a reduction in numeric pain rating scale value to 1-2/10. The patient then reported reductions in physical limitation and lower extremity dysfunction and later returned to competitive training free from pain.

Conclusion: The patient responded positively to the administered chiropractic therapies and functional protocols. After the prescribed course of care, the patient reported palliative benefits, reductions of pain and dysfunction with improved pelvic and lower extremity function to return to competitive Jiu Jitsu training.


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