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Harold Olson
Katelyn Seaba
Courtney Olson


Auriculotemporal Nerve, Neuralgia, Soft Tissue


Objective: To describe the resolution of auriculotemporal neuralgia utilizing chiropractic interventions and instrument-assisted soft-tissue manipulation.

Clinical Features: A 65-year-old male sought chiropractic care for right-sided neck pain radiating into his external ear and parietal region, accompanied by frequent headache. The patient described this as a chronic tenderness that became worse over the past week.

Intervention and Outcome: Chiropractic managementincluded spinal manipulation, pin and stretch, instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization, and a home-exercise program.

Conclusion: Our case identifies a peripheral nerve entrapment of the auriculotemporal nerve that led to auriculotemporal neuralgia. The combination of multimodal chiropractic intervention for the treatment of this condition should be studied in more detail.


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