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Amilliah Kenya
Charles Vuyiya


Muscular Dystrophy, Physical Therapy


Objective: To discuss the management of a patient with muscular dystrophy treated with chiropractic adjustments and mobilization.

Clinical Features: A 23-year-old man diagnosed with muscular dystrophy had lived with back pain for 10 years, which he had been told was growing pains. At age 19, he could not bend to tie his shoelaces without the help of pain medication. Despite medical intervention, a series of exacerbations led to intense back pain and reduced function and use of his legs. He sought care for severe neck and back pain and lack of mobility.

Intervention and Outcome: He received chiropractic adjustments to his cervical, thoraco-lumbar and sacral spine along with physical therapy and therapeutic exercises for 12 weeks. He reported significant improvement of his condition as measured by functional outcome assessments (the neck and back indexes), patient perception outcome assessments (patient satisfaction measures) general health outcome assessment, physiological outcomes (range of motion, muscle function, reflexes, subluxation syndrome—asymmetry or hypertonic muscle contraction, soft tissue compliance and tenderness, abnormal segmental motion.)

Conclusion: Muscular dystrophy may respond favorably to chiropractic care in conjunction with physical therapy and therapeutic exercises.


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