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Eric Chun-Pu Chu


Health Access, Asia, Healthcare Systems


Digital health access is having a significant impact on the evolution of healthcare systems. New technology plays a role in improving existing diagnostic protocols. Increasing availability of information is narrowing the knowledge imbalance between healthcare providers and patients, leading to a shift toward more patient-centric service within the healthcare ecosystem. Although some original stakeholders are resistant to this change, the digital transformation is inevitable. In Asia, the transformation is driven by a number of factors, including the demands of increasing patient expectations, an aging population, a lack of healthcare practitioners, increasing financial burden, and technological advancement. The traditional medical system has been disrupted and new patient-centric digital ecosystems are reforming healthcare across the region. The new online-offline ecosystem meets the demands of various patient populations and the effective care journeys that accompany them. Chiropractic has served a major role in this healthcare transformation by offering alternative portal-of-entry care to patients, wellness care, creating new opportunities in electronic health-record offerings and connecting stakeholders within the healthcare system to offer patients a well-rounded care solution. This relieves stakeholder pain points and drives forward stakeholder business potential. This paper explores the driving factors for the emergence of health ecosystems in Asia, describes the types of health ecosystems evolving, and defines strategic potential that chiropractors should address.


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