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Eric Chun-Pu Chu
Steve Ming Hei Yun
Kristy Hoi Ying Hau
Shun Zhe Piong


Smart Clinic, Rehabilitation Clinic, Artificial Intelligence


Objective: With the advancement of information technology, the concept of smart rehabilitation clinics has gradually become a reality. As the concept of smart rehabilitation clinics has not been previously introduced in the literature, we list the essential factors that promote smart clinic transformation and the current state of smart clinics in various critical fields in this review.

Discussion: Smart clinics employ a new generation of information technologies, such as technological enablement, digitalization, automation, artificial intelligence, telemedicine, virtual reality, and robotic rehabilitation equipment, to completely revolutionize the existing medical system, making it more efficient, easy, and personalized.

Conclusion: This paper reviews the characteristics of smart clinics and evaluate the prospects for smart clinic owners.


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