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Eric Chun-Pu Chu
Sharon Tze Kwan Mok
Isabel Si Wing Chow
Wui Ling Chin


Home Care, Telehealth, Digital Health Care


Objective: The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the possibility of better treatment quality, clinical outcomes, and patient experience. Home care is becoming an increasingly important part of health systems' efforts to position themselves for future success. Since the concept of chiropractic care-at-home has not been previously introduced in the literature, we describe how the COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed care-at-home, where chiropractic care could shift from traditional clinics to home, and how to design chiropractic care-at-home. Finally, we list the factors that restrict the growth of chiropractic care-at-home.

Discussion: The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the potential for improved care quality and clinical outcomes along with superior patient experience. Care-at-home is evolving as an indispensable component of healthcare systems. It also provides a great opportunity for chiropractic to unlock the architecture of healthcare models. Subsegments and demographics of patient segments, common strategies with mainstream healthcare system, the role of chiropractic, its capacity and operating requirements, and the fragmented market need to be considered before the chiropractic care-at-home strategy can be implemented. The limitation of the service will also depend on the diagnosis quality, patient perceptions, chiropractors’ adaptation, payment schemes, and regulatory and security measures.

Conclusion: This paper reviews the characteristics of home care and evaluates the prospects for chiropractic care-at-home.


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