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Meredith Meyers
Jene Jordahl
Kody Johnson
Regan Riddle


Trigeminal Neuralgia, Boxing Injuries


Objective: To describe the successful chiropractic treatment of a patient with trigeminal neuralgia.
Clinical Features: A 25-year-old male had burning left-sided jaw and face pain present for 6 months. This was previously diagnosed by an MD as trigeminal neuralgia.Intervention and Outcome: The conservative treatment consisted of a combination of cold laser therapy, manual therapy, and mobilization of the mandible and cervical spine. His symptoms improved following treatment and resolved after 3 months of care. They returned after an injury experienced during a boxing match and were again resolved with additional course of conservative care.

Conclusion: This case describes the treatment of a patient with trigeminal neuralgia using chiropractic manipulation and cold laser and manual therapy, which led to the resolution of symptoms and allowed the patient to return to normal activities.


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