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Paul Wanlass
Rhiannon Hutton


Medical Education, Wikis


Objective: To describe the process of the development and implementation of a clinical education wiki site at a chiropractic college, and students’ satisfaction and experience using this site.

Methods: The information technology department and faculty members created the design, layout, navigation, and a list of procedures to go on the site. To evaluate the students’ perception and experience using the wiki site, an institutional review board (IRB) approved anonymous classroom survey for student cohorts in each year of the chiropractic program (3rd, 5th, 6th, and 8th terms out of 10 terms) was conducted.

Results: The student survey revealed that 92% reported using the wiki site since its creation, 95% rated their overall satisfaction using the site as very satisfied or satisfied, 81% found the site to be user-friendly, and 90% agreed that the site improved their overall educational experience.

Conclusion: The development and implementation of a clinical education wiki site at a chiropractic college is a process that requires the collaboration of faculty, administration, students, and information technology professionals. The use of a wiki site is an encouraging approach for improving the educational programs at a chiropractic college. The results of the student survey reveal that most students find the wiki site helpful and easy to use


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