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Casey Rogers
Madeleine Hackney
Lisa Zubkoff
Katharina Echt


Patient Goals, Chronic Low Back Pain, Geriatrics, Veterans Health


Objective: There is no literature addressing the impact chiropractic services have on older adults achieving individualized specific goals throughout a course of care for chronic low back pain. This study will explore the effect of setting a self-determined, “what matters most” activity/goal of rehabilitation care with relevant activities as part of standard chiropractic care on the self-rated pain and disability of older Veterans.

Methods: Participants will be randomized into 2 groups. The first is an experimental group where participants will identify a goal and receive standard chiropractic care. The second will be a control group that receives standard chiropractic care only. Participants will receive 6 sessions of care.

Results: Outcome assessment tools, including an individualized goal setting measurement tool will be utilized at pre, post, and 6-week follow-up for both groups as primary measures. Relationships between clinical and demographic patient characteristics such as age, sex, and comorbid conditions will be explored with correlation regression as secondary measures.

Conclusion: The results of this pilot may aid in recognizing the value of employing patient-priorities/“what matters most” goal-setting as a means of amplifying the effect of chiropractic services on return to self-identified goals or activities that impact the quality of life among older Veterans.


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