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Jeffrey Scholten
Arif Kos
Matthew Richardson
Karen Campion


Computed Tomography, Cone Beam Computed Tomography, Patient Dose, Patient Safety


Introduction: As computed tomography (CT) applications progress through advances in x-ray capture and computer capabilities, evolutions in this technology have created confusion in differentiating different CT technologies. This underscores the need to develop a common understanding of these ionizing radiation-based imaging modalities by regulators and educational institutions in the chiropractic profession. This narrative review seeks to provide clarification and provides technological context addressing the physics and the clinical applications of CT.

Discussion: Computed tomography (CT) has various applications of cone vs planar x-ray beam and flat vs curve receivers. The evolution of greater-sized capture devices for x-ray has allowed CT to evolve to use lower-dose cone beam applications, allowing for cross-sectional CT imaging with lower dose and increased image clarity while reducing the imaging time required for patients.

Conclusion: This review provides a synopsis of CT technologies and offers an opportunity to understand similarities and critical differences between cone beam CT and multidetector CT. The benefits of information gained from cross sectional CBCT studies that is unavailable with conventional x-ray examinations to patient management are summarised. Utilizing CBCT in chiropractic practice is in the best interest of patients and clinicians from both an image quality and patient dose perspective and is an evolution to current technology as opposed to a new technology.


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