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Peter Rome


Osteopathy, Medicine, History of Medicine


Background: Research has been conducted to examine the circumstances and the accuracy of reports relating to an offer from medicine to integrate chiropractic in California around 1960. The offer sought to exchange chiropractors’ registration to that of medical doctors.

Objective: The primary objective of this study is to identify various sources regarding this purported move by organised medicine in the United States.  A document or formal published reference was its ultimate aim.

Method: Following mention in source chiropractic texts, I decided to explore as many sources as possible. Contract was made with institutions and individuals as well as a comprehensive search of medical and chiropractic indexes as well as via a general search engine.

Results: In 1961 in California, a similar offer was made to osteopaths who had adopted a number of medical practices such as surgery, gynecology and drug prescription, in order to merge with medicine. For chiropractors, only circumstantial evidence could be found related to such discussions. However, contact between the 2 professions on such a proposal appears to have been floated on 4 occasions. In addition, verbal evidence from chiropractic graduates from the 1950-60’s do recall such discussions.

Conclusion.: No formal confirmatory evidence or such a proposal could be located.


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